Katoa Po 2020 - Rogaine

Event Info

When - Sunday 15th March 2020
           - 8:30am to 9:00am Registration
           - 9:30am Rogaine Start

Where - Rangatira North map, (off Poihipi Road)

Organizer - Taupo Orienteering Club

Planner - Anne Mortimer

Controller - Phil White

Entry Deadline - Enter on the day

Entry fees

  • Junior  $5 (club members), $10 (non-club members)
  • Senior  $5 (club members), $10 (non-club members)

Event description - This Score Event will be based from the Katoa Po Event Centre and will cover the terrain from the night before. The event will start shortly after the prize giving from the night before - 9.30am expected start time.   Competitors will have 60 minutes to visit as many controls sites to collect the most points possible. Like all score events, competitors will receive a penalty (-20 points) for every minute they are late back. Pay to bring a watch and plan well!!
This will be a SportIdent event. Hire SI-cards will be available if needed.

Event Location

The Rogain is on the Rangatira North map (the same as used for the night relay) which is accessed from Poihipi Road, a short distance from the top of Control Gates Hill. The location will be signposted from the top of Control Gates Hill.