Taupo District Schools

Orienteering Championships 2020

Years 7 to 13

Date - Postponed new Date tba
Venue - Reporoa
Entries Close - tba
Entries to - entries@taupoorienteering.nz
Co-ordinator - Rolf Wagner 021 254 9507

Organised by

Taupo Orienteering Club

All event information, start draw and results
will be available on this website

Event Details


Map: - Hoanga
Scale: - 1:7500
Location: - Jay Road, Reporoa (35 minutes from Taupo)
Terrain: - Undulating Farmland
Start times: - First starts 10.00am


The Entry Form must be filled in and returned
The Eligibility Form must be copied and signed by Principal or Sports Co-ordinator and returned
Please make organisers aware about any medical problems or special requests on a separate sheet
Entry Form, Eligibility Form and Special Requests must be emailed to the organiser entries@taupoorienteering.nz


$10 per student (includes hire of SportIdent)

PAYMENT to Taupo Orienteering Club

Direct Deposit: Westpac Taupo 03-0430-0249228-00
Particulars: TDSC
Reference: ‘School Name’
Cheque - payable to Taupo Orienteering Club and must be received by closing date to

Rolf Wagner
16 Gladstone Grove
Richmond Heights
Taupo 3330


Email info@taupoorienteering.nz
Phone Rolf  562 6272  or  021 254 9507

Friday 20th March 2020


A student eligible to compete in this secondary school event must:

  • be enrolled as a bona fide (Year 9 or above) student at the school of representation and studying at least 80% of a programme that is part of the timetable provided by the school for at least four weeks immediately prior to the event.
  • be enrolled as a bona fide (Year 7 or Year 8) ) student at the school of representation and studying at least 80% of a programme that is part of the timetable provided by the school for at least four weeks immediately prior to the event.
  • have a satisfactory attendance record at the school. The final decision will be at the principal's discretion.
  • be under 19 years of age at the 1st of January in the year of the competition.


Prizegiving will be held at the completion of the event.


The competitors are divided into Grades based on their gender (Boys and Girls) and current level at school.

SeniorYear 12 and 13Must be under 19 on Jan 1st in 2020
IntermediateYear 10 and 11Must be under 16 on Jan 1st in 2020
JuniorYear 9Must be under 14 on Jan 1st in 2020
Year 7/8Year 7 and 8

The practice of competitors ‘running up’ a grade is not endorsed by Orienteering NZ, however it is recognised that in some cases this may be the best approach for a small number of top competitors with significant past experience. It is recommended that only those who have a chance of obtaining a podium place in the grade above consider running up.

Appendix 1 describes the Definition of Grades and Difficulty Colours

COURSES and GRADES combinations

Winning Time
ONZ Colour
Course 1Senior Boys (SB)45-50 minsOrange
Course 2Senior Girls (SG)40-45 minsOrange
Course 3Intermediate Boys (IB)35-40 minsOrange
Course 4Intermediate Girls (IG)35-40 minsOrange
Course 5Junior Boys (JB)25-30 minsYellow
Course 6Junior Girls (JG)20-30 minsYellow
Course 7Year 7 and 8 Boys (7-8B)20-30 minsYellow
Course 8Year 7 and 8 Girls (7-8G)20-30 minsYellow

Appendix 1 - What do those colours mean?


Courses follow linear features drawn on the map. These are such things as tracks, roads, fences, and streams (these are called handrails). A control site is located at every decision point (for example, a turning point, or a change in the type of linear feature - e.g. from following a track to following a stream). All control markers will be visible from the approach side. Where a course has to deviate from the handrail feature (for example, to cross a forest block), the route will be marked all the way until a new handrail feature is reached. The start triangle will be on a linear feature. In forested areas, if no such feature is available, then there will be a taped route all the way from the start triangle to a linear feature (that is, the first control). Compass, if used, is limited to map orientation only. No route choice is offered. Doglegs are permitted.


Yellow courses are designed to give you limited route choice and limited compass use for rough direction only. Control sites will be on or near (less than 50m) drawn linear man-made or water features, and not at turning points. This gives you the opportunity to follow handrails or to cut across country. Control sites will be visible from the approach side by any reasonable route.


This course will have route choice with BIG attack points near the control sites and/or catching features less than 100m behind. Control sites can be fairly small point features and the control markers need not necessarily be visible from the attack point. Exit from the control should not be the same as the entry (no doglegs permitted). Simple navigation by contours and rough compass with limited pace counting required. Use of a chain of prominent features as "stepping stones" to complete a leg is permitted.


Navigation will be as difficult as possible with small contour and point features as preferred control sites (no obvious attack points, no handrails etc). Control sites will be placed in areas rich in detail, and before, and not close to, a large catching feature. Route choice will be an important element in most legs. No doglegs permitted.