What is MapRunners?

MapRunners has a smart phone app “MapRun6” that competitors load onto their phones.
This software is the brainchild of Peter Effeney, an Orienteer from Brisbane. With a bit of funding from Orienteering Australia but mostly with a huge amount of enthusiasm. This app is now used in many countries around the world.

How does it work?

MapRun6 uses the GPS on your smartphone to track your location. When you get within a few meters of the control site, your phone beeps and vibrates to tell you that the app has registered the control.
If it is a Rogaine, you are automatically allocated the control points and can keep running without a pause.
If it is a linear orienteering event, the app ensures competitors do the controls in the correct order.
You can print out a paper map and keep your phone in your pocket, or use the map on your phone.

Download MapRun6 onto your phone.
Fill in details in the 'Name' section
Go into [Select Event], which will take you to a list of countries and scroll down to New Zealand.
In New Zealand, select Taupo and then the event.
Press [Go To Start], then make your way to the Start. Put Location Services on, if it's not on already. At the location, your phone will buzz and your time has begun. Do the course!
At the Finish, you instantly see your time and result. If it has been off, put data or wifi on to manually upload your results.
Any questions, email info@taupoorienteering.nz.

Safe exercising

Try not to get run over by traffic or bikers if you have your head down looking at your phone and/or map
Unlike our usual events, there isn’t a Controller overseeing road crossings. Some of these courses cross busy roads. We’ve become accustomed to quiet roads and the acceptability of running down the middle to maintain social distancing.
Please shadow kids younger than about high school age if they are doing the courses, especially if they are borrowing your expensive phone.
If you’re using a paper map, stow your phone in a zip pocket so it can’t slip out. Or if you’re using the phone to navigate, use one of those waterproof phone cases that have a cord that goes around your wrist.

General issues noticed with GPS/app

· Need to slow down for controls and make sure phone has good view of the sky – some sites take a while to register
  (all sites have been checked, so the controls are correct and functioning.)
· Change your phone settings to allow the app to run in the background
· Change the punchTolerance to 10 in [Options and Settings] (for some events this setting may be locked)
· Some background maps on the phone aren't great yet - We're working to adjust our O maps so we can use them as background maps in the future.
· Open the app before you get to the Start. (If you only do it at the Start, you’ll waste seconds – as the course will have already started.)

Test Event

Spa Park, Taupo   - short intro course using the phone app MapRun6
Date/Time: - anytime Spa Park is open
To register: email your name to info@taupoorienteering.nz and we'll send you a pdf of the map and the unlock code